Delwires Fox Terriers

Breeders of Wire Haired Fox Terriers

Welcome to Delwires, we are located in Gnosall a village just on the Staffordshire Shropshire border and just 6 miles from Stafford ( M6 junction 13 & 14 ) and this is our home page we are breeders of top quality Wire Haired Fox Terriers, a breed full of passion and love and with a little bit of Mischief thrown in for good measure. Never respond to any other email address or telephone number than those stated on this website or our Facebook page the contact details are: 

Telephone. 0044  (0)7970180157 or Landline 0044 (0)1785822861


My name is Stephen and welcome to Delwires website, I have been involved with Wire Haired Fox Terriers all my life literally as on the day I was born my father bought me my first ever Wire Haired Fox Terrier called "Nellie".

"Nellie" was 14yrs of age when she died but those years where full of fun and friendship and in her memory  I have added a couple pages about her and some of her antic's, so take sometime and read some stories of her fun adventures.

After owning a WHFT for over 57yrs, the first thing I would say to anyone who has never owned a Fox Terrier but is interested in owning one, is to read everything you can on the breed and even more so about it's quirks. 

They are super, funny, loving, loyal, intelligent & ignorant in equal measure but once you have owned one you won't want any other breed.

A little bit more about Fox Terriers, there are two types of the breed, the Wire and the Smooth haired some people like to describe them as two different breeds, this is not true! I have had and bred both and they are inseparable in regard to temperament, tenacity and that quintessential aloofness that only a Fox Terrier can deliver with such poise.

The breed is on the small side of medium and has a wonderful loving temperament, they love exercise this doesn't have to be excessive but it is important that whatever you do with a Fox Terrier it must be consistent as they love routine. People say that Fox Terriers don't moult this is not strictly true as they shed their coat constantly but light grooming will prevent any problems, their coats or fur does not appear to irritate people with allergies to dogs, much like poodles.

They are always at the centre of any social circle where everywhere they go, much like all our dogs, Gregarious, out going, fun loving socialites,home breed, well socialised and stuffed to the brim with love and fun! you will  never be alone when have a Fox terrier with you!